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bulletLMS (Light Metal Scrap)
bulletStainless steel scraps
bulletTungsten carbide scraps
bulletHigh Speed Steel scraps
bulletSKD11, SKD61
bulletGoods For Selling Now !!!!!!!
bulletGoods For Buying Now !!!!!!

  • Buying and Selling of All Types of Scrap Metals, including All High Temp and Exotic Metals
  • Buy from Industry, Auto Wreckers and other Recycling Yards
  • Sell or Trade Usable Material, Such as Sheets, Coils, Plates
  • Prices Based on current Metal Market Prices
  • Scales Provided
  • Custom-made Boxes to Desired Specifications
  • Supply Containers for Demo Jobs
  • Guaranteed Destruction Program for Military, Aerospace, or Patented Parts
  • Customized Recycling Programs to Suit Your Company's Needs
  • Material Screened and sorted by Esperienced Personal  

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